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Monday, November 1, 2010

Attempt #1 FAILED

I was told this weekend, by one of my fav cousins, that I was a horrible blogger.  And I guess I can’t disagree with that, considering that I have only written two posts since I started my blog on October 4th. When I created my 101 list blog, I planned on writing often but I have been so busy that it has been near impossible.  I am taking extra courses this semester so that I can graduate from my undergrad in the spring.  And I must admit, when I do get some time away from the studying and paper writing I would much rather have a pint with my girls than take time to do MORE writing.  Although, I haven’t been posting, I have been checking things off my 101 list… I will be writing another post soon with the success I have had in my first month.  Along with the success, I have also had failure…
Attempt #1 at the Belly Fat Cure = FAILED.  I was doing so well at the beginning and managed to lose 5lbs… but unfortunately Halloween got the best of me!! I had absolutely no will power and ate way too many chocolate bars – gaining back 4 of the 5 pounds lost :(  Attempt #2 begins tomorrow!! Although Halloween is over, it will still be a difficult task because the house is full of left over candy.  Wish me luck everybody!!
I must keep this blog short and get going… I am in a lecture right now and should probably start paying attention and try to absorb some of the knowledge that is costing me so much!
Have a great week and hopefully you will hear from me again, sooner than later!!


  1. YAY!! A new post!! THANK GOD!! ;)

    I don't think I called you a "bad blogger"...I think I just told you I was waiting for more, checking every day!!

    Dude, I totally get it. I go for weeks sometimes without updating my blog. Life's busy.

    But I still smiled when I had something new from you this morning to read ;)

  2. Well Jill - I don't see anything new from you this morning....