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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CHECK times 6 and a 1/2

Now that midterms are over and this semester’s projects are coming to an end I finally get to tell you all about the items I have been able to scratch off in a little less than 2 months!!! YAY!
5. Start an agenda like Granny Leach’s
This CHECK is all thanks to my buddy Kegan.  Shortly after I made my 101 list, Kegan came home from Walmart with an agenda just for me – with no year! Apparently these agendas are called “undated”.  I’m not exactly sure how I have never been able to find one before.
My mom was a little disappointed when she saw this on my list.  She knew that I had wanted an agenda like this for a while and had actually bought me one, planning to give it to me at Christmas.  She also had trouble finding an agenda like this and ended up getting me the only one she could find.  It cost her $20, had a drawing of a cat on the front cover, and said “100% Quebecois” on the back cover (she didn’t notice the quebecois part until she got it home).  I loved that she went out of her way to look for the agenda and get me a thoughtful Christmas gift… but we both agreed that I should use the one from Kegan :)

6. ROADIE to Bishop’s with my besties – to visit Court
On Saturday November 6th, some of my best buddies (Kendra, Dannah and Britt) and I hit the road to Lennoxville to visit Courtney at Bishop’s.  We had a fantastic time – with tons of dancing, laughing and shots!  We meet a bunch of awesome people and made lots of memories.  We actually had so much fun that we have already started planning the next trip for Court’s birthday in January.
P.S. Mollie you are da best!! Glad you got a chance to experience the Q! Ben said that it was quite the sight in Megs bed on Sunday – haha too funny! Love it :) :)
Here are some pics from our night (Brud don't know where you were when I was taking pictures lol):

49. Visit Troy's grave with my Christmas Eve cousins
On November 7th, the girls and I left Lennoxville very early so that I could get back to Quyon in time to join my Xmas Eve cousins at Troy’s grave to celebrate what would have been his 37th birthday.  We all gathered after church to send birthday balloons up to Troy in heaven.  We stayed there and watched the balloons float in the sky until we couldn’t see them any longer.  As we all piled into our vehicles to leave the cemetery “Free Fallin’” was playing on the radio.  There could not have been a bigger sign that Troy was with us.
There is no doubt in my mind that the birthday wishes made it to him by his birthday the next day.
As of now, #49 is only half checked.. Jill (a.k.a the 101 cop) said it didn’t count because not ALL the cousins were there.  5 people were missing but I am going to count this one as complete as long as I visit the grave with these people at some point before my finish date.
40. See a movie in IMAX
On Friday, Kegan and I went to see Harry Potter in IMAX.  The first showing was sold out so we went to Moxie’s to eat and have a few drinks beforehand.  We only ended up getting out of the theatre at 1:30 a.m. but it was totally worth it.  We LOVE Harry <3
90. Have a girls’ night in at my place
On the Friday of my reading week I had my favourite girls over for a night in.  This was the first girls’ night at the new house and it was great.  We had an awesome time – lotsa laughs and catching up :)  It ended a little early because the host (ya, that’s me :S) didn’t pace herself and ended up passing out around midnight!! Haha, goodtime none-the-less!
75. Have another sleep over with Kaitlin Hobbs when I don't have a midterm the next day
After my girls night Kaitlin slept over – YAY!  I love this girl!  We have been buddies since Grade 7 – and even though high school is over and we don’t see each other every day, things never change – we hug every time we see each other and it feels like no time has passed..  Kaitlin is the most positive, and refreshing person I have ever met.  Nobody can be upset when they are with Kaitlin – she definitely knows how to put a smile on someone’s face :) :) LOVE YOU!
Here is a few pics of Kait and I over the years (really wish I was in Quyon because I have some really sexy pics of us from Gr. 7&8, haha):


High school 

 Kingston Roadie - Kisses <3

Love you!

100. Get an edgy hair cut /or dye job
I was hoping to get a picture over the weekend to post so you could see my hair, unfortunately I didn’t and I really don’t think the bed head I have right now would give it justice.
I don’t exactly know if my hair style should be considered edgy (Luke thinks so.. I think, haha, I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or sarcastic).  I have got many comments from “hot” and “makes you look older” to “cute” and “makes you look younger”… I am going to consider it ‘edgy’ because it was a big cut for me.. I haven’t had my hair this short since Grade 2!

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  1. Woo-Hoo! 'Bout time!! ;)

    Way to go on crossing off all these awesome things. And of course #49 got me all teary-eyed. (Even though it doesn't count.)

    Love youuuuuuu! xo