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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Attempt #1: The Belly Fat Cure (list #84)

On Monday,  I will begin my first attempt at following the Belly Fat Cure diet for one month.  I say ATTEMPT because I have tried over the past couple months to do this and have failed.  Although I haven't been able to stick to it for more than a couple days, it has allowed me to become conscious of the amount of sugar I consume. 
The reason I put this on my 101 list is because I want to prove to myself that I have the self control to complete the task.  Also, it will most likely help with #21, to lose 15lbs.

For those of you that have yet to hear about the Belly Fat Cure, it is a diet created by Jorge Cruise that focuses on sugar and carb intake.
The diet allows you to have daily:
 - 15 grams of sugar, and
 - 6 carb points (0pts = under 5g, 1pt = 6-20g, 2pt = 21-40g, 3pt = 41-60g)
 - It also asks you to avoid artificial sweeteners (such as Splenda, aspartame and sucralose) because they are unnatural and are not processed by your body properly.  Jorge suggests you sweeten your food with natural sweeteners such as Stevia and sugar alcohols.

Reading about this diet has made me very aware of what Jorge calls "hidden sugar" and how diet foods can be misleading.  Many of these foods, although low in calories and fat have been packed with sugars and carbs.  For example:  Regular Tostitos have no sugar but the multigrain ones do.
To give you an idea of the amount of sugar in the foods you are eating, one teaspoon of sugar = 4g sugar.
 - A chocolate chip muffin from Tim Horton's (which I ate while writing this) has 40g of sugar and 69g of Carbs (40 sugar/4 carb points) - over twice as much sugar than you should have in a day and 2/3 of your carbs. Gross right?
 - A granny smith apple contains 19g of sugar and a glass of milk 12g.  I will not be counting the sugar and milk in my diet because they are essential to your health and should only be cut out if you want immediate weight loss.  I will however cut back tremendously - I will only have milk every other day and will eat only fruits will lower amount of sugar, such as blackberries (7g per cup).

Another big thing to watch on this diet is what you drink.  Especially alcoholic drinks - every oz of wine vines has 2.5g of sugar - and lets face it, our glasses are bigger than an oz and we drink more than one glass.  On this diet, beer is definitely the way to go!  Budlight with a 0sugar/1carb point count allows you to have 6 pints if you eat nothing else all day :) or the amazing Miller Chill and Miller Lite has a 0/0 count so you can drink an endless amount!! You know what Ill be drinking over the next month ;)

I have chosen Monday as my start day because I know it would not be possible for me to get through Thanksgiving or Christmas without my fair share of sweets :) I will be missing out on the Halloween candy but I'll survive

Wish me luck everyone! I will keep you posted!

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