take a journey with me over the next 1001 days as I work towards scratching 101 things off my list

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Attempt #1: The Belly Fat Cure (list #84)

On Monday,  I will begin my first attempt at following the Belly Fat Cure diet for one month.  I say ATTEMPT because I have tried over the past couple months to do this and have failed.  Although I haven't been able to stick to it for more than a couple days, it has allowed me to become conscious of the amount of sugar I consume. 
The reason I put this on my 101 list is because I want to prove to myself that I have the self control to complete the task.  Also, it will most likely help with #21, to lose 15lbs.

For those of you that have yet to hear about the Belly Fat Cure, it is a diet created by Jorge Cruise that focuses on sugar and carb intake.
The diet allows you to have daily:
 - 15 grams of sugar, and
 - 6 carb points (0pts = under 5g, 1pt = 6-20g, 2pt = 21-40g, 3pt = 41-60g)
 - It also asks you to avoid artificial sweeteners (such as Splenda, aspartame and sucralose) because they are unnatural and are not processed by your body properly.  Jorge suggests you sweeten your food with natural sweeteners such as Stevia and sugar alcohols.

Reading about this diet has made me very aware of what Jorge calls "hidden sugar" and how diet foods can be misleading.  Many of these foods, although low in calories and fat have been packed with sugars and carbs.  For example:  Regular Tostitos have no sugar but the multigrain ones do.
To give you an idea of the amount of sugar in the foods you are eating, one teaspoon of sugar = 4g sugar.
 - A chocolate chip muffin from Tim Horton's (which I ate while writing this) has 40g of sugar and 69g of Carbs (40 sugar/4 carb points) - over twice as much sugar than you should have in a day and 2/3 of your carbs. Gross right?
 - A granny smith apple contains 19g of sugar and a glass of milk 12g.  I will not be counting the sugar and milk in my diet because they are essential to your health and should only be cut out if you want immediate weight loss.  I will however cut back tremendously - I will only have milk every other day and will eat only fruits will lower amount of sugar, such as blackberries (7g per cup).

Another big thing to watch on this diet is what you drink.  Especially alcoholic drinks - every oz of wine vines has 2.5g of sugar - and lets face it, our glasses are bigger than an oz and we drink more than one glass.  On this diet, beer is definitely the way to go!  Budlight with a 0sugar/1carb point count allows you to have 6 pints if you eat nothing else all day :) or the amazing Miller Chill and Miller Lite has a 0/0 count so you can drink an endless amount!! You know what Ill be drinking over the next month ;)

I have chosen Monday as my start day because I know it would not be possible for me to get through Thanksgiving or Christmas without my fair share of sweets :) I will be missing out on the Halloween candy but I'll survive

Wish me luck everyone! I will keep you posted!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My 101 List: Starting October 4, 2010

1. Get a tattoo 2. Go somewhere that requires flying over the Atlantic Ocean
3. Have a Harry Potter Marathon – watching all the movies over a weekend, preferably with my bff KKeon (0/8)
4. Get a piercing
5. Start an agenda like Granny Leach’s – it was not specific to one year, it only had the day (January 1 rather than January 1, 2010) and she would write when something special happened on that day every year: births, deaths and other events. I have looked for a book like this for a while and can’t find one like it so I will most likely have to scrapbook a blank book.
6. ROADIE to Bishop’s with my besties – to visit Court
7. Finish my undergrad at uOttawa and get one more type of diploma or certification (0/2)
8. Go on a trip with my mom – Shopping in Syracuse doesn’t count.
9. Go down south.
10. Toilet train my cat
11. Get my first full time, grown up job
12. Buy patio furniture (after I get Ben to build me a deck) (0/2)
13. Buy myself a charm for my Pandora bracelet when I feel proud of myself
14. Learn how to play the guitar (at least one song)
15. Donate blood
16. Spend a day with Granny Mo – and maybe play “I Spy” for old times’ sake
17. Go a week without TV (0/7 days)
18. Go Zip-lining
19. Go snowshoeing at least once a week for an entire winter (snow permitting)
20. Start scrapbooking again – do at least 10 pages (0/10)
21. Lose 15 lbs or as much as it takes to feel confident enough to wear a bikini (0/15)
22. Get my own snowmobile or four-wheeler
23. Go to Toronto for a concert
24. Participate in a run where the money goes to a good cause
25. Take a French course
26. Go see the house for CHEO’s “Dream of a Lifetime” and buy a ticket
27. Get a puppy/dog
28. Go one week on a gluten-free diet – this includes drinks (guess I’ll be on Vodka this week)
29. Stay in bed until 1:00PM for no reason – cannot be sick or hung over
30. 5 random acts of kindness (0/5)
31. Finally have the people over for supper that we have had supper with so many times (J&K, K&T, J&L&F)
32. Go on a snowmobile trip that includes an overnight stay (to a camp or resort)
33. Go up to the hippie camp/lookout during the fall
34. Get an A+ overall in one of my courses
35. Go one month without drinking any alcoholic beverages
36. Develop all my good pictures - I have got in the habit of not printing any of them
37. Roll and cash in all my change
38. Throw a Christmas party with our close friends
39. Refinish our kitchen table
40. See a movie in IMAX
41. Give away the clothes I haven't worn in the past 6 months
42. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week or one month
43. Spend a day with Hollie and her babes
44. Buy someone a gift for no special reason other than that they mean a lot to me
45. Win a ring toss tournament at Aud and Joey's
46. Buy a complete workout outfit from lululemon
47. Have a repeat of supper at the Casa Greque with Ken and Dan.. With a taxi ride home :)
48. Go to church every weekend for a month and light a candle for someone each time
49. Visit Troy's grave with my Christmas Eve cousins
50. Organize the basement and get rid of the stuff we are never going to use
51. Play in a 3 pitch tournament - even though I suck at baseball
52. Go to a driving range
53. Donate money to cystic fibrosis –  and help share Eva’s legacy.  Please watch  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xw7OP5bQ5A and visit Eva's blog at www.65redroses.livejournal.com 
54. Shadow a nurse for a day
55. Shadow an ultrasound technologist for a day
56. Go partridge hunting with Ben, Kendra and Travis
57. Spend a long weekend at the cottage
58. Finish a paper before the night before it is due
59. Get a cricket machine for my scrapbooking
60. Go camping for a weekend
61. Get a TV for our bedroom
62. Spend a day with Brandon without any fights or sarcastic comments being made
63. Have another party on mom's deck without it falling down!
64. Paint my bedroom
65. Be Bucky's date at another wedding but control my alcohol consumption
66. Volunteer to sell beer tickets for at least 5 Quyon community events (0/5)
67. Help decorate for 5 Quyon community events (0/5)
68. Go to a gala or formal event with my girls
69. Witness Bria Hearty sing her heart out at an event outside of the Pontiac
70. Have supper or drinks with Tiff at least once every 6 months (0/6)
71. Try to get Dad to quit smoking
72. Spend a winter evening in Dad's hot tub
73. Make personal cards for people rather than buying - make at least 10 (0/10)
74. Have a mother-daughter day with, Mom, Tootie & Dannah, Kellie & Keg, JL & Ash, and Dar & Ken and whoever else would like to join
75. Have another sleep over with Kaitlin Hobbs when I don't have a midterm the next day
76. Go back to Halifax
77. Open another bank account to put savings in off of each pay
78. Have a combined party with Ash, Ian and Kyle to break in our homes
79. Paint one room/wall in the house a bright colour
80. During the summer months put half of my pay check on my student loan
81. Spend a day on Audrey's boat
82. Drink only water for one week
83. Bake with Granny for a day - and hopefully learn how to bake something that tastes good
84. Go one month following the belly fat cure diet (under 15g of sugar a day)
85. Go Xmas shopping in the States
86. Start a scrapbook just for travel - already have the scrapbook thanks to Keg
87. Receive a postcard
88. Be truly surprised by a gift (in a good way)
89. Send Uncle Reid a letter for no reason at all just because I know he would enjoy it
90. Have a girls night in at my place
91. Sleep at Kegan's without waking up Kellie and Davey - three consecutive times (0/3)
92. Have an Aunt-Niece night with Donna K when Ellard is away for a weekend
93. Go on a trip with just Ben
94. Train Ben to make the bed in the morning
95. Go white water rafting
96. Talk to /catch up with Cass
97. Ask Grandpa about how he used to stop Hollie's nose bleeds
98. Go fishing
99. Make a snow angel without a handprint
100. Get an edgy hair cut /or dye job
101. Try my best to complete this list in 1001 days - if I don't I will give $5 towards a charity for every unfinished item.